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A Grade Center Category is a classification of a Grade Center column of a Course. For instance, "Homework," "Test," or "Quiz" are possible Categories that may have Grade Center columns associated with them.

Categories are helpful in organizing and utilizing the Grade Center. An Instructor may sort the Grade Center by a specific Category to compare how all the Students scored in the "Homework" Category, for example. Categories may also be used when creating Smart Views (a saved view of Grade Center data) comprised of a columns associated to specific Category or Categories.

Categories can integrate with Grade Center columns such as Weighted Grade Column, Total Points Column, or Average Grade Column. For example, an Average Grade Column is created to calculate statistics for all Columns that are in the "Homework" category. Gradable items added to the course that are categorized as "Homework" will automatically be included in the average calculation. For more information on creating these Grade Center columns, see Calculating Grades.

Categories can also be used in the creation of a Report. An Instructor may create a printable Report that displays Statistics of performance for all of the columns in a certain Category. This information can be used by instructors to make decisions about instruction, planning, and assessment. For more information on Reports, see Creating Reports.


It is possible to assign columns to Categories through the Organize Grade Center page. For more information, see Customizing the Grade Center.

Default Grade Center Categories

The Grade Center contains default Categories that are created by the Grade Center columns that are created through the Blackboard Learning System. The default Categories are:

  • Assignment
  • Discussion
  • Survey
  • Test

Instructors can create their own Course Categories, such as Labs, Group Work, Quiz, and so on, through the Manage Categories page. Created Categories will copy into a new course.

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