Embedded swf not visible in Firefox but visible in IE

Problem: An embedded swf presentation is not visible in Firefox 5.0 but is visible in IE 8 (this may affect other versions).  This came to light in some of the HUM111 swf presentations.

The latest version of Firefox does not deal with tags very well.  Successful videos have additional code.

You must add the following HTML code before the tag...

The bold content needs to be changed.  Width and height must match what is already in the existing code.  Look for a specified URL in the existing code that looks like .  Copy the xid portion and paste into your added embed code as this needs to match also.

The swf presentation should now play in Firefox.

NOTE: Using the embed Flash/Shockwave content icon and specifying the swf file in the course files does not work!

Posted by on Tuesday, July 19, 2011 at 12:00 AM
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