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Archiving and Exporting courses in Blackboard is a two-step process and the second step is often missed.

The first step generates a ZIP file which is stored on Blackboard. In an archive, the ZIP file is an exact copy of the course at the moment that it was created. In an export, the ZIP contains the components of the course that were selected at the time it was created.

The second step of the process is saving the ZIP file somewhere outside of Blackboard. When the first step is completed, you will receive an email telling you that the archive finished running. When you receive the email, you have to go back into Blackboard and download the ZIP file to your computer or network drive.

It is important to keep back-ups of your course shells. You should generate an archive before you make any major changes to a shell and at the end of each quarter.

Archiving a Course:

  1. Expand Packages and Utilities on Control Panel
  2. Select Export/Archive Course
  3. Click Archive
  4. Check the box in front of Include Grade Center History
  5. Select the radio button in front of Copy links and include copies of the files in the course default directory
  6. Optional: if you use the Content Collection and wish to save Institutional Content, select the radio button in front of Copy links and include copies of the files outside of the course default directory
  7. Optional: click Calculate Size to review the total size of the files which will be included in this archive


    The size of the files can help determine how large the archive file will be and how long it might take to process. Larger file collections will be bigger and take longer. No course should ever be more than 200 MB in size. If your course is over 200 MB in size, contact ITDL to determine why.

  8. Click Submit
  9. Notice the success message across the top: This action has been queued. An email will be sent when the process is complete.


    This is very important because archiving is a two-step process. Once you receive the email, you must come back to Blackboard and download the file. A lot of people miss this second step - don't be one of them!

  10. When the email is received, review it for errors. You want to see “The operation archive has completed.” If you receive any error messages or you don't receive any email, please contact ITDL and we will assist you!
  11. Once you have received the email, go back into the course and download the archive file. Go back into Export / Archive Course.
  12. The archive file displays as a link. Click the link and you will be prompted to download the file.
  13. Save this file somewhere safe that is easy to remember.

Once the file has finished downloading, you are finished. If you have any questions about the archiving process, please contact ITDL.

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