[SYS ADMIN] How to update the Blackboard Maintenance web page


The Blackboard Maintenance web page (http://bbservices.uc.edu/csccbb9.htm) displays whenever a web app has been taken out of rotation, the system is undergoing maintenance, or the system is down.

The web page itself is located at UC, but the main body of the web page is pulled from the global server at Columbus State via javascript. The javascript file is located under scripts/ and is called jsBlackboardMaintenance.js.

Updating the Javascript:

  1. Open the javascript file
  2. Modify the contents of the variable varHTML as needed
  3. Save the file
  4. Close the file

The contents of http://bbservices.uc.edu/csccbb9.htm will automatically update once refreshed.


You must adhere to basic javascript rules including using escape characters (\) before any forward slash (/), all contents should be in double quotations, and each line should end in a semi-colon. If a message is being prepared in advance, use a conditional format to specify the individual date and still allow for a generic message for unexpected outages.

if(varDateStamp=="8/16/2011") {
varHTML = varHTML + "

Write stuff for the particular day here.<\/p>";

} else {
varHTML = varHTML + "

Write stuff for any other day / unexpected outage here.<\/p>";

Posted by Heather Crites on Tuesday, August 16, 2011 at 2:02 PM
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