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Blackboard Knowledgebase Videos

BB9 050: Transition from Blackboard 7.3 to Blackboard 9.1 Videos

  1. Logging In
  2. About the Portal
  3. Showing the Course Menu
  4. About the Course Layout
  5. About Edit Mode
  6. About the Menu
  7. Viewing the Menu as a Student
  8. Adding a Content Area to the Menu
  9. Adding a Tools Area to the Menu
  10. Reordering Menu Items
  11. Adding Dividers and Subheaders to the Menu
  12. Editing Menu Items
  13. Renaming Menu Items
  14. Deleting Menu Items
  15. Collapsing the Menu
  16. Collapsing the Control Panel
  17. About Files in the Control Panel
  18. About Course Tools and Evaluation in the Control Panel
  19. About Grade Center and Users and Groups in the Control Panel
  20. About Customization and Packages and Utilities in the Control Panel
  21. About Announcements
  22. Creating Announcements
  23. Reordering Announcements
  24. Editing Announcments (no video exists for this topic)
  25. Reordering Content (no video exists for this topic)
  26. Display Options in Content
  27. Creating New Content (no video exists for this topic)
  28. Creating Assignments
  29. Editing Content Items
  30. Customizing Tools Area
  31. Viewing the Tools Area as a Student
  32. About the Discussion Board and Paging Options (no video exists for this topic)
  33. Viewing Discussion Board Forums (no video exists for this topic)
  34. Viewing Discussion Board Threads
  35. Grading a Discussion Board Forum
  36. Entering Discussion Board Grades for a Student
  37. About Archiving
  38. Create an Archive
  39. Download an Archive (no video exists for this topic)
  40. About New Features in Blackboard 9.1
  41. Course Evaluation

BB9 060: Transition to Blackboard 9.1 Grade Center Videos

  1. Access Grade Center
  2. Expand the Screen
  3. Grade Center Overview
  4. Edit Rows Displayed
  5. Grade Center Table Overview
  6. Grading Cells and New Icons
  7. Sort Rows (no video exists for this topic)
  8. Hide/Show All Rows
  9. Move to the Top
  10. Email Students
  11. Sort Columns
  12. Filtering by Category
  13. Filtering by Status
  14. Manual Column Overview
  15. Create Grade Center Column
  16. Entering Grades
  17. Column Contextual Menus (no video exists for this topic)
  18. Edit Column
  19. Primary Displays as Percentage
  20. Grading Tests Overview (no video exists for this topic)
  21. Grade an Individual Attempt Overview
  22. Grade an Individual Attempt
  23. Grade Attempts Overview
  24. Grade Attempts Part 1
  25. Grade Attempts Part 2
  26. Grade Attempts Anonymously Overview
  27. Grade Attempts Anonymously
  28. Grade Question by Question Overview
  29. Grade Question by Question Part 1
  30. Grade Question by Question Part 2
  31. Grade Responses Anonymously Part 1 (no video exists for this topic)
  32. Grade Responses Anonymously Part 2
  33. Grade Responses Anonymously Part 3 (no video exists for this topic)
  34. View All Attempts Overview
  35. View All Attempts
  36. Clear Attempt Part 1
  37. Clear Attempt Part 2
  38. Test Manual Override
  39. Grading Assignments Overview (no video exists for this topic)
  40. Grade an Individual Attempt Overview
  41. Grade an Individual Attempt (no video exists for this topic)
  42. Downloading Assignments
  43. Assignment Download Part 1
  44. Assignment Download Part 2
  45. Grading Attempts Part 1
  46. Grading Attempts Part 2
  47. Grading Attempts Part 3
  48. Grade Attempts Anonymously Overview
  49. Grade Attempts Anonymously
  50. Assignment Manual Override
  51. Needs Grading Overview
  52. Total Column Overview
  53. Create Total Column
  54. Weighted Column Overview
  55. Create Weighted Total Column
  56. Column Organization Overview
  57. Column Organization
  58. Grade History Overview
  59. Grade History
  60. Download Grades Overview (no video exists for this topic)
  61. Download Grades Part 1
  62. Download Grades Part 2
  63. What Else Can I Do?
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