Course Design Kit

“Great things are not done by impulse, but a series of small things brought together.” -- Vincent Van Gogh

Never designed an online course before?
Want to revamp the course you have?
The Course Design Kit will guide you through the design of an online course. It has two components:

  • The background and support materials on this site;
  • and the Starter Shell , a Blackboard shell with placeholders for key elements in the course.

Begin by exploring the Course Design Kit beginning with the section on Outcomes. When you are ready to start building your class, request a development shell based on the Starter Shell.

The Starter Shell is built upon two national standards for teaching excellence:

  1. The Seven Principles of Good Practice in Undergraduate Education
  2. Quality Matters

Additionally, we continuously look for research-proven design strategies and teaching best practices to guide the development of online learning media and interactions.

See the Starter Kit Overview for a chart of course components and their supporting principles.