Course Design Kit » Continuous Improvement

Congratulations! You are designing and teaching a successful online course. And you are eager to continue improving your course. Here are some steps you can take.

Solicit feedback from your students

Web Course Student Evaluation

Web courses have standard student evalautions just as classroom courses have them. We can load the survey into your course survey manager so you can deploy it during your online course. When your course is copied the survey will remain in your course just as an exam does.

Student Perception and Use Surveys

You can ask your students to share their perceptions of the effectiveness of learning activity. Thsi can be incorporated into regular assessment for learning.

Likewise you can separately survey students on their use and perception of course technology. For instance, you can find out if students value printed material more than recorded material or if they want to access material on mobile devices or only from a personal computer.

Remember that any survey of students should be reviewed by the College’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the College to ensure it is compliant with Federal and State regarding student information. Consult us for guidance in the design of your survey.

Participate in a design conversation

Sit down with our staff and brainstorm ideas for your course. See the Design Conversation section for more information.

Compare your course to Program General Education Outcomes

Take a big picture view of your course by comparing your course outcomes and learning activity with the degree, program and general education outcomes for the College. You can review current outcomes on the Assessment Department web site.

Use formal self and peer review tools

There are a number of published instruments designed to help faculty critically reflect on their courses and address many of the key areas outlined in this Course Starter Kit. For instance:

Course Check: New Pathways for Engaging Students

Course Check is a service provided by the Ohio Learning Network. It is built on the Seven principles of Good Practice in Undergraduate Education

Quality Matters

Quality Matters provides a peer review rubric built on peer-reviewed research on best practices in online teaching learning. Learn more about our Quality Matters membership.