Course Design Kit » Learner Support

Resource CenterIn addition to well-designed learning and assessment activity, you will want to provide support materials and services to students. These can be supports for the learning in your course, your program of study or institutional resources such as financial aid, counseling or tutoring. Providing these supports can be as simple as linking to a campus web site. In some cases you may want to provide your own resources.

Some areas to consider when designing support are:

Course and computer technology

This can include tips on how to use Blackboard, email, and software. Students may need to download software or plug-ins for course material to work. Students should be notified of this requirement in the course orientation but additional instructions can be added here.

Study skills for learning online

Learners come with different experiences ands study skills. Some students may not be fully prepared for online learning or for your particular instructional strategies. You can provide self-assessments and study tips to help students manage their learning.

Course and program resources

Do you have resources common to multiple courses in your program? Does your discipline have standard reference materials or style guides? Would you like to post intern and job opportunities? You can assemble these support resources in one place and copy them from course to course.

College support services

Are students aware of counseling or financial aid services? Are they aware of student activities and career services? Some of these services are available under the
”Student Services” tab in Blackboard or can be found on the Global Campus web site. You may want to highlight and directly link to services that you know are commonly needed by your students.

The starter shell has some pre-built material under the heading “Resource Center” that you can modify and add to as needed. We can help you build tutorials and other support resources. Often we can share these among many courses and strengthen student support in many areas.