Course Design Kit » Orientation

The orientaion is often identified with a “Start Here” button.

Start Here Button Screenshot

Faculty/Student Introduction

Introduce yourself to create a connection with your students. This can be:

  • an introductory video that we help you produce
  • brief audio message
  • a paragraph of text accompanying your photo.

Some faculty have recorded a tour of their course to orient students to the course layout and to highlight key resources, activities and expectatons. You will also want to include:

  • materials (eg. textbook[s], web sites, documents, media)
  • navigational instructions
  • and, if a hybrid, how online and face to face activities compliment one another

Course Objectives and Instructional Strategies

(Please see the Learning Outcomes page)

  • a summary of course objectives
  • course learning activities
  • expectations for student effort and workload
  • minimum pre-requisite student skills

Communication Expectations

Students need to know how to communicate with you and when thay can expect a reply. You can post office hours (physical and/or virtual), a phone number, and instructions for how to email you. Some faculty require emails to have certain language in the subject to indicate the course and nature of the request. This area may also address etiquette expectations for student use of the discussion board, email, chat, etc.

Student Technical Requirements

Provide a description of basic technical requirements for the course. If your course uses any multimedia elements, you should identify the appropriate media players or browser plug-ins and provide links to download them. Students can be referred to the plug-ins page on the Global Campus web site to check to see if they have the required technology.