What is SecurExam?

Securexam is a test administration tool that CSCC has employed in our testing center to make our College's online testing services more secure. Securexam provides us with two major security features:

  • Securexam prevents students from accessing web pages outside of the Blackboard exam.
  • Securexam automatically enters the password into Blackboard so the student never needs to see or be exposed to it.

How Do I Get SecurExam?

Part 1: License SecurExam (click to show less)

  1. Complete the following form to have the license information e-mailed to your Groupwise Address:

  2. After you receive the access information for SecurExam, go into Blackboard and locate your exam
  3. Open the exam's contextual menu
  4. Select Edit the Test Options
  5. Copy the name of the exam from the Name field
  6. Go to the Web Address listed in the access information email
  7. Type in the password listed in the access information email
  8. Click Login
  9. Paste the name of the exam in the Exam Title field on the SecurExam website
  10. Click Generate
  11. Copy the generated password from the SecurExam website
  12. Go back to Blackboard
  13. Scroll down to the Password field in Test Options
  14. Check the Password checkbox
  15. Paste the SecurExam generated password into the Blackboard Password field
  16. Set the remaining test options:
    • Set Open Test in New Window to No
    • Set Make the Link Available to Yes
    • Add a New Announcement for this Test is optional
    • Multiple Attempts is optional. Unchecked is recommended.
    • Disable Force Completion (uncheck it)
    • Set Timer is optional
    • Display After is optional
    • Display Until is optional
    • Due Date is optional
    • Check Include this Test in Grade Center Score Calculations
    • Uncheck Hide Results for this Test Completely from Instructor and the Grade Center
    • Test Feedback is optional. We recommend only checking Score until after the test deadline. Then you can go back and edit the Feedback to show correct answers, etc.
    • Set Presentation Mode to One at a Time
    • Randomize Questions is optional
  17. Click Submit
  18. Complete any appropriate paperwork as required by the Testing Center.

How Do I Use SecurExam?

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