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ITIBB-0100-WEB: Introduction to Blackboard

The purpose of this course is to provide faculty, who have little to no experience using Blackboard, an online resource to learn the essential technical elements needed to operate within Blackboardís course environment.

This course has been setup to address the needs of faculty who do not have time to attend face-to-face training, but still need to learn the basics of Blackboard.

Although this course does have some best practice tips, keep in mind the focus of this course will be on the technical how-to's of using Blackboard.

This course contains the following units:

Unit Description Status Action
Unit 1: Introduction and Course Overview

This unit will kick off the Introduction to Blackboard online course. This unit will introduce what Blackboard is and how it’s used at CSCC. This unit will also review how to locate/login to Blackboard and provide a quick tour of CSCC's Blackboard portal.

Unit 2: Course Layout

This unit introduces key Blackboard course areas. Participants will also be introduced to an example of a best practice course structure idea.

Unit 3: Course Menu Basics

This unit will take off where Unit 2 ended. This unit will introduce the course menu area and it's most used features. During this unit, participants will learn about how to add, edit, delete, and reorder three of the most common menu buttons used at CSCC.

Unit 4: The Announcement Tool

This unit will introduce Blackboard's Announcement tool, and cover most everything about the tool from how to add announcements all the way to reordering the way announcements are listed in a course.

Unit 5: Content Basics

This unit will provide a light introduction on working with Blackboard content. The topics presented in this unit represent the foundational skills needed to quickly get started using Blackboard.


ITIBB-0110-WEB: Grade Center I

There is no description for this course.

This course contains the following units:

Unit Description Status Action
Unit 1: Introduction and Course Overview This introductory unit will be take participants on a basic tour of Blackboardís Grade Center area. During the tour, participants will be provided with an explanation of key Grade Center areas and features to help understand Grade Centerís layout and function. Participants will also be introduced to ITIís four step process for successfully setting up a Grade Center.  
Unit 2: Step 1: Setup Grade Center Categories This is the first step of setting up a course's Grade Center. Many Grade Center features are based on the ability to manipulate information by categories. Using categories will enable instructors to take full advantage of Grade Center's many powerful management features - such as being able to drop lowest grade.  
Unit 3: Step 2: Add Grade Center Columns After getting Grade Center categories established, it's now time to start actually building our Grade Center. During Step 2, we will explore how columns are added to the Grade Center area as well as how to edit and delete columns.  
Unit 4: Step 3: Organize Grade Center After all necessary columns have been added to Grade Center, it's now time to clean up the Grade Center area so things are organized and ready to be calculated. During step three, we will look at how to organize grade center columns, hide non essential columns from instructor view, and review how to double check column settings are correct and ready to be totaled.  
Unit 5: Step 4: Setup Total Column(s) We have now arrived at the last step in our four step process for setting up a Blackboard Grade Center. During this unit of instruction, we will look at how to properly setup Running and Weighted Total columns.  
Unit 6: Grading This unit will provide instructors with an introduction to administering student grades in Blackboard's Grade Center. Topics such as how to enter, override, delete, and backup student grades will be covered during this unit of instruction.  

ITIBB-0130-WEB: Blackboard Assignments

There is no description for this course.

This course contains the following units:

Unit Description Status Action
Unit 1: Introduction to Blackboard Assignments This unit will introduce Blackboardís Assignment feature which allows for the creation of fully online homework assignments in a Blackboard course environment. Topics discussed during this unit will be: define what Blackboard Assignments are, advantages for faculty and students using assignments, and an overview of the Assignments life cycle.  
Unit 2: Add, Edit, and Remove Assignments This unit will demonstrate the proper steps for adding, editing, and removing Blackboard Assignments in Blackboard course content area.  
Unit 3: Students & Assignments During this unit we'll review the steps students take to turn in their homework assignments using Blackboard's Assignment feature.  
Unit 4: Grading & Managing Assignments This unit will focus on how to grade student assignments that have been turned in using Blackboard's Assignment feature. The unit will also provide information on how to carry out basic management processes such as clearing a student's assignment attempt.  

ITIBB-0140-WEB: Discussion Boards

Coming soon....

This course contains the following units:

Unit Description Status Action
Unit 1: Introduction and Overview During this unit of instruction we will define what a Blackboard Discussion Board is, as well as review key Discussion Board terms that are necessary to understand in order to successfully operate Blackboard Discussion Boards.  
Unit 2: How to Add, Edit, and Delete Forums and Content Welcome back! During this unit of instruction, we will introduce the process of setting up new Discussion Board forums. Topics introduced during this unit will be how to add, edit, and delete Blackboard course Discussion Board forums. This is the first step in using this amazing student engagement tool.  
Unit 3: How to Give Students Access to Discussion Boards During this unit we will look at two popular methods for giving students access to a course's Discussion Board forums.  
Unit 4: How to Grade Discussion Boards During this unit of instruction, we will demonstrate two methods of grading Discussion Board forums. The method of how Discussion Board forums are graded, is determined by how the grading option for a given Discussion Board forum setting is specified.  
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